Something that makes me giggle

I’m coming out of a major depressive episode, so the disease is heavily on my mind.  So to WordPress I go, and start plugging in possible names.  When I see that so many are taken, I decide to check them out.  What amuses me is that the two I checked into haven’t been updated in years.  Why?  Just a guess….the people who started those blogs ARE DEPRESSED.  I know when *I’m* in the 20 foot hole, I have no will to do anything.  Let’s hope I don’t drop down there again.


3 thoughts on “Something that makes me giggle

  1. Kaitlin says:

    Heh, kind of a black humor observation, but probably true. Good luck, and welcome to WP!

  2. […] my very first blog post, I tittered at the fact that most blogs I’d found that dealt with depression/mental illness […]

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