Curse of the love song

As far as I’m concerned, when someone writes a song for their lover/spouse, the relationship is doomed.  It’s the songwriting equivalent of jumping the shark.  I include songs written for or by people who died prematurely. 

Obviously, I can’t give a comprehensive list, but, to start….

Songwriter Song Written for Status
Billy Joel Just the Way You Are Elizabeth Weber Divorced
Buddy Holly True Love Ways Maria Elena Holly His death at age 23
Eric Clapton Layla, Wonderful Tonight Pattie Boyd Divorced
George Harrison Something Pattie Boyd (according to her) Divorced
Graham Nash Our House Joni Mitchell Broken up
John Denver Annie’s Song Annie Denver Divorced
Jonathan Cain Faithfully Tane Cain Divorced
Paul McCartney multiple Linda McCartney Her death at age 57
Ritchie Valens Donna Donna Ludwig His death at age 17
Shania Twain Still the One Mutt Lange Divorced
Sonny Bono I Got You Babe Cher Divorced
Steve Perry Oh Sherrie Sherrie Swafford Broken up
Steven Stills Suite Judy Blue Eyes Judy Collins Technically, it was written about their imminent breakup, so the curse doesn’t necessarily apply
Dennis DeYoung Lady, Babe Suzanne DeYoung Still married!

 And for the record, Shania Twain’s song ticks me off.  It starts with “looks like we made it….”.  Um, unless you’re singing that on your deathbed, I’d say that’s a little premature and presumptuous.  And, guess what happened?  He boinked her best friend and they split up.  She’s now remarried to her ex-best friend’s ex-husband.  Whatever you do, Shania, don’t write a song for him!

I’m just sayin’.


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