Kevin & Bean – Life’s Teachers

Oh, heaven help us if that’s true.

For those not familiar, Los Angeles has a radio station, KROQ, that has a popular morning show starring Kevin and Bean. Yesterday they had people calling in to tell their stories about being trapped in an elevator. Usually I’ll change stations when people call in because it’s like listening to a three year-old talk, with lots of “ums”, and unnecessary details. I stayed with the show yesterday, however, and was entertained by Kevin & Bean ridiculing the callers for dragging out their stories.

So I wrote them a thank you note.

Thank you for making the elevator call-in segment funny.

I usually have to turn off the radio when listeners call in with a story. It’s just soooo painful.

What you are looking for:

“I was stuck on an elevator for an hour and a half with my EX-boyfriend, and I’d had bean burritos for lunch. It took all my energy to keep my ass from exploding”.

What you get:

“So, I was staying at a hotel in downtown LA with my girlfriends, cuz my best friend was getting married that weekend, and, um, I knew there’d be, like, great food at the party, like shrimp and lobster and stuff, but, um, I really LOVE bean burritos, so I scarfed down, like, two before the party. So, we’re at the party and decided we want to people watch and think it’d be funny just to be, like, these drunk girls riding up and down in the elevator, and so we get on, and my friend’s are like, ‘we need to go to the top’ but my other friends were like, ‘no, we need to ride down to the basement’ and, while they were arguing, um, the elevator doors open and, um, my EX-BOYFRIEND walks in. It was SO AWKWARD, cuz I hadn’t seen him since we took that trip to Yosemite three years ago to spread his grandfather’s ashes. So, we were, all, like, being polite and everything, but my friends were trying not to laugh at me, but we had had, like, 20 mojitos or something cuz that’s, um, my favorite drink, then, suddenly, my stomach was REALLY upset and I felt like I had to, you, know, fart. It was SOOO embarrassing.”

So, thank you, for keeping things moving, and thanks to Erica, for bringing up Bean’s mom’s porno.


To my amusement, Bean responded yesterday, telling me my note was hilarious and he’d be reading it on the air. Sure enough, today on my drive to work he read it. What made it the highlight of my morning was the fact that Bean was laughing as he read it.Yes, he had told me he thought it was funny, but something about hearing these people, these professionals, very funny people all, laughing at my email (in a good way, not a “stuff of my nightmares” kinda way), well, that was just cool. I have to admit, I really enjoyed the fact that my writing/humor was not only appreciated by Kevin & Bean, but that they thought enough to share it with Los Angeles.

I write of this, not because I’m gonna have my email and Bean’s reply framed or anything, but because I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the positive feedback I’d received from something I’d written. This blog represents the bulk of my writing efforts over the last 10 years. At first, it was just something for me to focus on to keep my head above water, but I’m finding myself really enjoying it.

So, yeah, it made me smile this morning in that “trying-to-appreciate-the-little-things” kinda way I’ve been attempting of late.  And it encourages me to keep writing.

So there’s that.


One thought on “Kevin & Bean – Life’s Teachers

  1. Susan says:

    Having Bean laugh is a pretty cool kudo. Congrats!

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