Quick capsule review

So, after a couple of rounds of phone tag, I finally spoke to the psychiatrist my first choice (and unavailable) psychiatrist recommended me to.  The exchange went something like this…

Me: Hello

Dr: Yes, hello, this is Doctor X.  You’ve been trying to call me?

Me: Yes, hello.

Dr: What insurance do you have?

Me: Anthem Blue Cross

Dr: What do you need?

Me: (combination of odd phrasing and her accent confused me) I’m sorry?

Dr: Why do you want to see me?

Me: Well, I’m seeing a psychologist for talk therapy, but my general practitioner is the one who added Wellbutrin to my treatment when the Zoloft alone stopped working. I had a bad depressive episode in December/January.  I just don’t feel like the medication is doing….

Dr: (interrupting) Okay, I get the picture.  When do you want to come see me?

(The rest of the conversation involves making the appointment)

This does not bode well.  I’ll give her a chance, but I find that any doctor who interrupts and whose first question is to ask what insurance I have, well, that leads me to think her patients don’t come first.  My appointment isn’t for a week.  Perhaps I’ll see if I can find someone else. My shrink recommended someone, but that person isn’t in-network. Thanks to the crappy HSA my employer switched us to, an IN-network doctor’s visit costs me $100, so imagine what going out of network would cost.


UPDATE:  Kicked Doctor X to the curb.  Waiting for a call back from another doctor.  It’s called bedside manner, people.


One thought on “Quick capsule review

  1. Mountain Missy says:

    OMG, I would make an appointment elsewhere. What if she interrupts you while you’re talking about increasing you meds or something. I think that was totally unprofessional and rude. I hope you find someone who is dedicated to you and your mental health and will listen to you when something trivial or important arises. Good luck!!

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