We are children, all

I’ve found myself saying this a lot lately.

We  are children in every way.  By that I mean, we do as we’re told as long as others are watching, but, if given the chance, will do whatever the hell we want.  We do it in important ways, and not so important ways.

Case in point:  Next to my office building was a Borders bookstore.  It, like all other Borders, has now closed.  As soon as it closed, tenants in my building felt it was okay to ignore all the signs that read “Parking for Borders Customers Only”, and started parking there.  I’m not exactly sure why.  About 20 people may save themselves an extra 50 feet of walking in exchange for exposing their cars to the elements. So lazy. About a month after the Borders closed, everyone got an email from building management warning us that the owners of the Borders building were going to start towing cars parked there.  For about a week, the mayor’s tow truck (Torrance mayor has a side business) was parked in the lot and all the little boys and girls followed the rules.  As soon as the tow truck was gone, the lazy little kiddies went back to parking there.

Who ever intentionally speeds past a cop?  Nope, it’s always, “zoom, zoom”, then “crap!” when they pass the black and white.  Most people can’t be counted on to obey simple traffic signs.  “That stop sign doesn’t apply to ME!”

Then there’s the bigger stuff.  The “way we live” kinda stuff.  Look, I’m a christian.  I believe in a supreme being, and that he’d like us to at least try live a certain way and treat each other with love and respect.  We’re not always going to succeed…I know I certainly don’t… but making the effort is key. But, really, it’s like he’s our dad and we, his children, just can’t play nice together. Let’s say there’s two brothers, Billy and Joey. Joey does things that Billy believes daddy won’t like.  Rather than just letting daddy sort it out, Billy does everything possible to hurt Joey, to the point of bullying.  The bullying in and of itself is something that daddy doesn’t like, but, what’s more, Billy’s up to all kinds of no good behind the scenes, or does things out in the open that, like Joey, he tells himself is okay.  Billy could, and should, choose to live his life and win people over “without saying a word” or, to quote Ghandi, “be the change you want to see in the world”, but, no.  Billy gets hateful. Rather than try to touch Joey’s heart, Billy tries to club Joey’s head.

It’s referred to as The Golden Rule, people.  Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself.  If you put up a “no parking” sign on your property and people ignored it, you’d be ticked.  If someone rolled through a stop sign and almost clipped you, you’d scream and shout and lay on the horn.  As an insurance broker, I’ve had clients and prospective clients ask me to lie for them, to cheat the system in their favor.  What blows my mind is, if an insurance carrier tried to screw those same clients, they’d scream bloody murder.

And Billy, who’s so concerned that someone else didn’t take out the trash, likes to pretend that he did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, when really the whole house wreaks from last night’s dinner.

It was liver and onions.  Gag.


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