Progress, not Perfection

Hello, I’m Stuart Smalley.

Now, I’ll wait here while you google that reference.

Done?  Mmm’kay.

Still having some dark moments, but overall, feeling somewhat decent.  I’m doing my situps and pushups every day (started at 3o each, now doing 40), reading every day, taking care of my skin each night and, most importantly, I’m painting every day.  Starting to feel better physically and emotionally, though I finally broke down and put in a call to a local psychiatrist in hopes I can get a med check and some talk therapy.

In the meantime….Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 4.36.22 PM


Too busy to post, a.k.a, 19 things I’d rather be doing with my time

Right now, my weekdays are spent buried in employee benefits and my nights spent recovering from same.  I don’t mind being too busy to write, if it’s for a good reason other than insurance and exhaustion.  My list of ratherbees, as in, I’d rather be….

(in no particular order)

  1. Driving down an open highway in Texas/Oklahoma with requisite wind in hair and music blasting
  2. Learning to throw clay
  3. Painting
  4. Repurposing something
  5. Playing with my dogs/cat
  6. Hanging at the beach with my family
  7. Sending silly texts back and forth with my brother
  8. Sudoku
  9. Watching Leverage, M*A*S*H, Frasier or King of the Hill
  10. Writing
  11. Riding my bike (assuming the tires were fixed)
  12. Working in my yard
  13. Going to Adventure City with my daughter
  14. Making homeade pasta (never done it…want to try)
  15. Helping my husband run a massage business/spa
  16. growing my own food
  17. having a good talk with my mom or dad
  18. visiting with my cousin, Jo
  19. doing math (I know, I’m retarded)

Quite frankly, I’m too tired to think of anymore right now.  Goodnight.